Anne Marie Kanstrup

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10 Selected Publications

New paper on eHealth: Open access

New book: Participatory Design & Health Information Technology

I am a Professor at the Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University – affiliated with the Center for User-driven Innovation, Learning and Design, the cross disciplinary Danish Centre for Health Informatics, and the research program CHIP: Human Centered Health Informatics and Participation.

My research focus on the development of theories and methods for participatory design of Information Technology (IT). I primarily work within the field of health care as evidenced by a series of recent and ongoing projects on IT supported hearing rehabilitationdiabetes management, health promotionpatient safety and Living Laboratories in nursing homes.

I teach graduate and postgraduate level courses at the study programs Information StudiesInteraction Design, and Health Informatics. Teaching includes supervision and courses in ‘Design theory and methods’, ‘ICT-design in organizations’, ‘User-centered Design’, ‘Systems Development’, ‘User-driven innovation’ and ‘Action Research’. In addition, I supervises doctoral students at the HCCI PhD-program.

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